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Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is a world-renowned solo guitarist and one of the most promising young musicians in the scene. We've been working with her for the better part of a decade and produced several albums as well as dozens of videos, some of them being amongst the most-watched classical guitar productions worldwide. 

Alexandr Misko

Alex Misko is one of the most popular fingerstyle guitarists on the globe with online audiences that are counted in the dozens of millions. In 2022, we've had the honor to do some videography for him while he was visiting Munich.

Contra Guitar Duo (Hamish Strathdee & Emma-Shay Gallenti-Guilfoyle)

Hamish and Emma are an excellent duo from Australia that we collaborated with for many videos, recording music from four different centuries, on modern instruments as well as historical ones.

Heike Matthiesen

Heike Matthiesen is a highly renowned soloist and one of the world's foremost experts on literature by women composers for the classical guitar. We've had the opportunity to record her performances in a beautiful baroque church in Weimar, Germany.


Guitarlift is a novel guitar support that solves many issues guitarists have with these products. We have been working with Guitarlift for several years, helping them promote their brilliant invention.

Other recent collaborations

Since restarting the soundworker brand we've been working with dozens of great musicians and institutions from all over the world, among them household names such as Andrey Lebedev, Asya Selyutina, Nadja Jankovic, Moritz Beck, Martin Dressler, Katja Wolf, Spyros Konidaris, Matthias Strößner, Karmen Stendler, Hanna Link, Sanel Redzic, Damjan Bucic, Dominik Carevic, Stephanie Knauer, Johanna Regenbogen, Ljiljana Winkler, Henrike Paede, Angelika Löw-Beer, Alexandra Whittingham, Lulo Reinhardt, the Potsdam School of Music, Schleswig-Holstein music school federation and the University of Music Würzburg.